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Fire and explosion safety problems of Apple's Shanghai OEM are tortured again

many apple OEM plants distributed in the mainland and Taiwan have been criticized repeatedly for the safety accidents and environmental protection incidents that have erupted successively in the past year. Just recently, Apple's first generation factory in Shanghai suffered another explosion accident, causing dozens of people to be injured and sent to hospital. The workshop is currently in the stage of suspension and rectification

Apple's Shanghai OEM was tortured again about the safety of explosion.

it was learned that at about 3:40 p.m. on the 17th, a fire and explosion accident occurred in ritang computer accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ritang company), located at No. 3636, Shengang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is reported that 59 people were injured in the accident. As of yesterday (December 19), 23 people were still hospitalized in the burn and plastic surgery department of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. Although most of the injured were new employees, the enterprise insisted that they had received safety training

accident: the scene of the explosion was a mess

although two days have passed, passing employees outside the factory are still discussing the explosion that occurred before the day

"it was very loud that day. We were on the first floor, (explosion) on the fourth floor. We didn't know why it exploded." A 20-year-old boy told me that the whole factory was on holiday in recent days because of the cleaning up of the scene

"fortunately, my classmates are not there (fourth floor)" several interns from Chongqing talked about themselves and their classmates on the road, and they were very happy. One of the students majoring in mold told that they lived in the dormitory in the factory, which was very close to the explosion plant (only about 20 meters according to visual inspection). Fortunately, because of the wage problem of the labor service unit, they were collectively "absent" that day

an on-site investigation in the factory yesterday found that most of the window glasses of the polishing workshop on the fourth floor of the explosion were blown away. From a distance, there were square black holes, especially on the south side of the factory, there was almost no intact glass on the fourth floor

when I came to the downstairs of the explosion plant, I found that some window frames were also damaged, and there was a window frame with broken glass on the ground, and there were scattered glass fragments around the plant

I want to interview the relevant person in charge of ritten computer company about this incident, but the staff of the plant told me that the leaders had instructed that all interviews would be received by the Songjiang District government, and the company would not accept any interviews

in the past, wood flour was crushed by machinery. The frequent OEM accidents also made many insiders question the "safety" of the OEM chain behind apple

Chen Zhigang, a well-known communication expert, told the daily economy: "this situation is actually difficult for apple to avoid in the process of rapid development. After all, its business is growing so fast now, there are so many OEM (OEM) manufacturers around the world, and perhaps some of them have launched projects without a comprehensive safety review."

as an accessory processing plant under Heshuo united, a listed company in Taiwan, niteng has business partners including Hewlett Packard, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and other terminal manufacturers in addition to apple. In terms of cooperation with apple, in addition to the iPad backplane of Apple's tablet computer, which is currently being processed, there has been a rumor that "Apple has placed an additional order of 5million iphone4s with Asustek"

now a fire has dragged ritten into the situation of shutdown and rectification, and Apple's supply chain may be implicated

reason: there is no consensus

if domestic experimental machine enterprises directly use other people's technology

for the cause of the combustion and explosion accident, RI Teng company rejected the interview request and blocked the door with "the district government will uniformly receive the interview, and the company will not accept the interview". Immediately, I came to the Songjiang District government office building and also failed to interview relevant personnel. A staff member of Songjiang District Party committee said in a symmetrical way, "this matter is over, it's the 17th", "we're very busy recently, we're having a meeting, and no one is receiving us."

yesterday, relevant information about the explosion was queried from the Songjiang District government portal, "in the polishing workshop on the fourth floor of the T2 plant of niteng company, workers suddenly exploded while using a plasma cutting machine to connect the negative pressure air duct cutting interface for the assembly line." However, as the parent company, hushuo United said that the cause still needs to be investigated. Hushuo United issued an announcement on the 18th to explain: "a small gas explosion occurred in the plant area of the third factory of ritten computer accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in which a small part of the automatic equipment was damaged, and these machines and equipment can be readjusted, and the impact of business and financial losses is not significant. The cause of the accident remains to be investigated."

Lin Gongzheng, the director of ritten company, said in a media interview earlier: "we are doing some prevention (work) that we should do at ordinary times, and we are implementing it according to the relevant specifications. As for this accident, we are also cooperating with the investigation."

with regard to the overall impact of the industrial chain and the concerns about the potential for order competition, an insider told the daily economy that it is unlikely that the impact will be extended to such a wide range. Although the explosion accident has an impact, it will not completely terminate the cooperation between the two sides. "As long as there are corresponding environmental reports and safety instructions, production should be resumed."

the rectification progress and resumption of work concerned and predicted by the outside world may be faster than expected. It was learned from the notice of the staff dormitory building in the plant that the resumption of work could be started as early as the 20th, or by providing customers with excellent testing equipment. The notice said: "after receiving the notice from the superior, the employees of the third factory will go to work next Tuesday (December 20). I hope you can tell each other."

however, most of the employees asked did not seem to know when to return to work. Yesterday, they also found that the glass of the explosion workshop had not been cleaned and repaired

since the incident, Apple has always maintained a low-key handling attitude. Last night, apple sent an official statement to the daily economy, saying, "we deeply sympathize with the injured in Songjiang, and we are working closely with Heshuo united technology to understand the cause of the accident." As of press time, Apple has not given any more response and explanation to the request to contact the relevant person in charge of China for an interview on the determination of this matter

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