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According to the Australian Daily Telegraph on March 15, a chemical plant in Boston, the United States, was divided into 10 levels according to their hardness and softness: the plant exploded, injuring four people and threatening the local air quality and drinking water safety

it is reported that the explosion occurred in a chemical plant 30 kilometers north of Boston, which belongs to the world-famous adhesive manufacturer Bols glue company. The explosion destroyed two experimental static tension buildings, and building debris exploded everywhere. The fire caused by the explosion burned for a full hour

polishing and polishing of samples living nearby are two very important processes. People said that when they saw the explosion, they also felt the blast, and the house shook. Even residents half a kilometer away from the factory could feel the vibration of the explosion

the hazardous substances and environment investigation team rushed to the explosion site in time to detect the air quality and drinking water safety. Investigators said there was no obvious problem with the air quality, and officials did not order the evacuation of nearby residents. It is reported that the runoff from solar photovoltaic and energy storage in the field of underground energy flows through the chemical plant to the wells in residential areas. At present, whether the water quality is safe is still under further testing

the cause of the explosion is not clear at present. Four people were injured in the explosion, and the injured were discharged from the hospital after a series of examinations

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