The explosion of the most popular hydration factor

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The explosion of Xiangshui chemical plant affected the soaring price of glue in the board factory

with the explosion of Xiangshui chemical plant, the impact on the products of the chemical plant has increased from wave to wave. Local governments may strengthen the safety supervision of chemical manufacturers one day, which may be as strict as ever, and some of them are dry and fragile. As the "capital of wood industry", more than 30 large and small formaldehyde factories in Linyi were mostly closed for rectification almost overnight. As a result, more than 100 glue factories with formaldehyde as the main raw material almost became "cooking without rice". The price of glue soared. E1 glue was 1800 tons a year ago, and now it is rising to 2100 tons

2019 is indeed an extraordinary year for the wood industry. A: without washing, the continuous rainy season in Guangxi has pushed the price of Eucalyptus higher and higher. Seeing that if there are problems with parts and entering the off-season of plate sales in April, the owner of the plate factory dare not raise the price. It is difficult to advance or retreat in one event hosted by the White House, and it is difficult to ride a tiger. With the explosion of Xiangshui chemical plant, the price of formaldehyde soared, It is estimated that there is still an upward trend. The frequent fluctuations in the price of raw materials have caused the board factory owner to complain

how to survive the crisis when the price of raw materials rises is really thought-provoking

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