The explosion of the glass curtain wall of the hot

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The bursting of the glass curtain wall of new buildings is mostly related to the installation and material problems

it is learned from the industry that the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings has good seismic performance and generally has a safe life. If the glass curtain wall of new buildings falls, it is mainly the installation and material problems

Lu Jinlong, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Academy of construction Sciences, revealed that if there are bubbles in the glass curtain wall, after being exposed to the sun, the thermal effect is uneven and it is easy to burst. Experts from the curtain wall inspection center said that tempered glass used in high-rise buildings does have a certain self explosion rate, but this probability is very small. Ma Xilin, vice president of Shanghai FRP Industry Association, said that during the production of tempered glass, high-quality raw sheets during the meeting were selected, and the edge quality and process parameters were well controlled during processing. After "quality" treatment, The "self explosion" will be effectively controlled.

a construction company carried out the necessary cleaning and drying treatment. The project manager of the Department said that the glass curtain wall must use tempered glass. Although this kind of specially treated glass will not fall off in large pieces but form particles after self explosion, the harm of "glass rain" falling from the 46th floor is still very great. If the high-rise building has experienced many such glass falling events, all glass curtain walls should be comprehensively checked as soon as possible

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