The latest generation of CNC system mazatrol640

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A new generation of CNC system mazatrol 640

as a programming operator of machine tools, do you want an expert around you to help you and guide you in programming? As a machine tool maintenance personnel, do you want to be able to find the fault point and eliminate the fault in time? As a manager, do you want to know the working condition of the machine tool at the production site anytime and anywhere? The answer to this question is of course self-evident, but you must ask whether this can be achieved? How can it be achieved

our answer is certainly yes, and it is running in the intelligent network chemical plant of Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as little giant). It is promoted among users of little giant

the basis of all this comes from mazatrol 640 system

in 1981, Mazak company successfully developed a highly intelligent CNC system with man-machine dialogue and built-in expert system for the first time in the world, and it has been continuously improved for more than 20 years to make it more perfect and intelligent

the powerful function comes from the powerful "heart". Mazatrol 640 system adopts 64 bit CPU chip, which makes it have faster processing speed and higher control accuracy. By configuring the PC part in the CNC system and integrating the PC and CNC parts, the two-way communication between PC and CNC is realized. Due to the function of PC, many intelligent and networking functions can be realized

in the past, people had a worry about the application of NC machine tools, mainly because NC programming operators generally did not need to process some physical samples such as steel bars and wires, but kept their full cross-section for experiments. According to statistics, there is a gap of hundreds of thousands of numerical control technicians in China, and cultivating a numerical control technician is not an overnight thing. The reason is that the leading products reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products; The programming operator is required not only to be familiar with the relevant knowledge of programming, but also to have deep process knowledge and tool knowledge, because the program requires the programmer to give the appropriate cutting linear speed according to the material of the workpiece and the material of the tool, and then calculate the spindle speed according to the tool diameter, but also give the feed speed according to experience, and give the tool path according to the shape of the workpiece. Under the given cutting conditions, What is the power of the spindle? Is the maximum power allowed by the machine tool or tool exceeded? It can be verified by complex calculations or judged only by experience. Therefore, the traditional programming method has very high requirements for programming operators, which also hinders the application of CNC machine tools

processing guide prediction function screen

but it is very simple for mazatrol 640 system with man-machine dialogue programming mode in the built-in expert system. As long as you tell the system the material of the workpiece to be processed and the material of the tool to be used, the system will automatically give cutting parameters such as spindle speed and feed speed according to the built-in expert library. Of course, you can also modify the cutting parameters, And you can incorporate your experience into the expert base. The processing guide prediction function can calculate the power load of the spindle according to the cutting conditions, and give the total processing time and the processing time of each tool, as well as the proportion of the processing time of each tool in the total processing time. The programming operator can further optimize the program according to the spindle load and processing time

when you input the shape, requirements and other information of the parts to be machined, the system can automatically expand the required tools and automatically generate the machining path of the tools. The system also has the function of 3D solid simulation machining, which can immediately get the results of program execution, and can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and split the obtained 3D graphics to verify the correctness of program machining. Because the program contains the relevant information of tools, so, The real machining shape is obtained through three-dimensional solid simulation. Through three-dimensional image information, we can immediately find out whether the workpiece has over cutting and interference with the fixture (such information cannot be obtained for some systems that can only display the tool center path)

in addition, the system also has the function of tool life management, which can set the service life of each tool. Each time the machine tool calls the tool, it will accumulate the tool service time or times. When the set service life is reached, it will remind the operator to replace the tool or automatically replace the spare tool for processing in the process of studying laser 3D printing

what affects the workload of the operator and the efficiency of the machine tool is also the preparation of tools. For complex parts, many tools are often required for processing. After each replacement of the workpiece, the operator has to reconfirm all the tools, wasting a lot of time. It is very convenient for mazatrol 640 system. After the programming is completed, the system can automatically list all kinds of tools necessary for processing this workpiece, compare the required tools with the existing tools in the tool magazine, and give the tools that need to be added, the unnecessary tools in the tool magazine and the tools that will reach the service life of the tools. The operator can prepare the cutting tool conveniently and efficiently according to this information

therefore, with the help of expert system, the requirements for programming operators will be greatly reduced. As long as the personnel with some machining knowledge can quickly master it after simple training. At the same time, the efficiency of programming operation is also improved

regular maintenance items

the service life and accuracy maintenance of machine tools are inseparable from the maintenance of machine tools, and the consequences will be very serious. Generally, the factory formulates corresponding rules and regulations for the maintenance of machine tools according to the data provided by the machine tool manufacturer, requiring the operation and maintenance personnel to carry out relevant maintenance regularly, but whether it will cause delay and omission, and the final implementation result is unknown, Our solution is to set various maintenance items and maintenance cycles in the CNC system. Every time the machine tool is started, the timing will start. When the starting time is accumulated to the set maintenance time, the alarm will be automatically sent to remind the operator that it is time for maintenance

the i/o screen displayed on the same screen in the service center

for the maintenance personnel of the factory, generally speaking, when the machine tool has a fault, it is often a waste of time to find the fault, and even if they know the cause of the fault, they do not know where the fault is, and how to eliminate the fault. Don't worry, mazatrol 640 system has the function of fault diagnosis. It will record the condition of the machine tool when the fault occurs, help you understand the cause of the fault, and help you infer the problem of the fault according to the alarm information. The graphical navigation function of the system can guide you to check the relevant sensors step by step, and will display the specific location of the sensor for your convenience. If you can't eliminate the fault, it doesn't matter, Through the network function of the system, you can immediately connect to the little giant's service center, and the service engineer can see the machine tool i/o diagnosis screen far away from the customer's site through the network, and put forward appropriate repair methods by analyzing the diagnosis screen, or prepare the parts that need to be replaced on the basis of determining the location of the fault, and send service personnel in time, which can minimize the downtime and quickly eliminate the faults of the machine tool

for factory managers, what they most want to know is how expensive CNC equipment operates on the production site to create profits. The intelligent and networked mazatrol 640 system can help you understand this information anytime, anywhere

record of machine tool startup status

the first thing managers want to know is whether the machine tool is working in the best state? Did you maximize your efficiency? During machine tool processing, the system can display the cutting conditions in processing in real time, such as the speed, load and feed load of the spindle, and can judge whether these conditions are appropriate according to these loads. If the machine tool is connected to the network, the manager can see this picture in the company's office, even at home and on the way of business trip. Of course, these conditions can also be recorded for later viewing, Therefore, managers can grasp the situation at any time and place, and put forward suggestions for improvement to improve production efficiency

secondly, managers also want to know the daily working hours, working conditions and how many parts are produced by each machine tool? What is the starting rate of the machine tool? The intelligent mazatrol 640 system will automatically record the working state of the machine tool. The manager can easily understand the daily operation record of each machine tool, when the machine tool starts up, when it stops, when it is in the automatic operation state, when it is in the adjustment state, when the machine tool alarm occurs, what workpieces have been processed, and how many workpieces have been processed, The information of the spindle speed and load of the machine tool is convenient for the manager to grasp the operation status of the machine tool on site and make adjustment plans in time according to the situation on site

in addition, the system can also calculate and process these recorded working conditions, and visually express them with graphics. For example, take time as the coordinate, use bar graph to display the state of each period of the machine tool in each day, and use pie chart to show the ratio of each working state in a period of time, so it is very convenient to calculate the starting rate of the machine tool, Factory managers and planners can manage and plan based on this information

and these functions can be realized through software and networks, which means that no matter where you are, as long as there is a network, you can understand the working state of your machine tool and adjust the business plan in time. Therefore, it brings users not only a tool, but also a change in the company's management mode, which can quickly reflect the changes in the market, Thus, the production efficiency and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise are improved

mazatrol 640 system will continue to develop in the future, always sharing the latest technological achievements with the majority of users, and jointly creating our bright future. (end)

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