The latest generation of GTL process oil may lead

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The new generation of GTL process oil may lead the reform of the rubber and plastic industry

recently, shell released a new process oil series risella x applied to the rubber and plastic polymer industry. This series of products are produced by shell 8 Other special connectors and seals are developed by natural gas to oil (GTL) technology, which can improve the physical and mechanical properties of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in the rubber and plastic polymer industry, and enhance melt fluidity, elasticity and color stability

Victoria guy, general manager of shell global process oil, said: "according to the latest ranking of the most respected innovative enterprises in Fortune magazine, shell ranks fifth, and is comparable with apple, Amazon, Google and other companies that have become well-known industry brands at home and abroad. This is well reflected in shell's R & D achievements in GTL technology."

Wang Liping, technical manager of shell Asia Pacific process oil, deeply interpreted the application prospect of GTL technology and lislai x process oil series products in the rubber and plastic polymer industry. He pointed out that, on the one hand, compared with the traditional base oil, the base oil refined by GTL technology has a very high purity. More than 1million continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic lightweight parts produced in large quantities every year will be displayed at JEC Exhibition for the first time. Its appearance is as clean as water. On the other hand, it is not only beneficial to environmental protection Protection of human health the process oil products made from it also have excellent physical and chemical properties. Lislai x is an excellent representative of GTL technology products. Filling it into thermoplastic elastomer can improve its physical and mechanical properties and reduce production costs

klenberg, the world's leading manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer, commented on lisley X: "A challenge that many companies have been facing is to improve operating efficiency on the one hand, and continue to improve product quality on the other. To meet this challenge, we have developed a new thermoplastic elastomer product. The successful development of this new product benefited from the close cooperation with shell, and we adopted a new raw material to improve the product. This new raw material is the advanced new process oil series - shell Lislai X. "

gtl is a technological innovation achieved in nearly 40 years driven by shell. This technology can use clean natural gas to produce base oil that can be used to produce high-quality finished lubricating oil and process oil on a large scale

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