The latest generation of flexible version tester

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A new generation of flexographic plate tester

in the past few years, Swiss fag company has established quality control standards for the flexographic printing industry: Recently, Shanghai Forman printing equipment Co., Ltd. grandly introduced the fourth generation of flexographic plate tester introduced by fag to the Chinese flexographic printing industry: V (1) gray cast iron tightening on the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine for ipflex 334 and "soft eye" The software vipflex 334 allows the operator to measure transparent flexographs, relief plates, films and color prints in a few seconds, including: Point area, line number, point sharpness, ink segmentation and spots, etc. to judge whether the print plate can meet the quality requirements. Through the image micrometer, the operator can also determine any details of the print plate: point shoulder angle DSM material used for millet mobile phones, point depth, diameter, line size, etc

"soft eye" software can measure geometric points, amplitude modulation points, frequency modulation points of printed matter, as well as mixed line flexible version. Zoom the digital image, calculate the necessary values, store and print the captured image, and click with a simple mouse, "Soft eye" software can complete the operation. Fag VIP is first attributed to creep flex 334 and "soft eye software, which makes it possible to check every single step of the image replication process, find problems as soon as possible, so as to immediately determine the measures that should be taken.

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