The latest Gauss universal70 has entered the UK

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The new Gauss universal 70 has entered the UK.

newsquest Colchester, the paper publishing house of the British newspaper in southern England, was founded in 1989. It is part of Gannett company and the second largest publishing and printing plant in the UK. It publishes about 36 newspapers every week, with a production capacity of about 1.75 to 2.25 million prints. The company has about 70 employees. Gannett, which produces less precipitates and gel, is also the largest newspaper group among the 99 newspapers in the United States. In order to expand production capacity, two new axiless Gauss universal 70 four-color towers were introduced

these two towers will be used to expand the original Gauss tribue printing machine to complete Colchester and Essex printing in 2001

Martyn reed, production manager of newsquest Colchester, said, "the important reason for our introduction of these two color towers is to meet the growing needs of color printing and customers. The installation of the new universal 70 four-color tower will double our printing capacity and make our work more flexible." He also said, "we have a very good partnership with Gauss. We need to upgrade, and the incomplete supply chain (21.60%) is also the key to development. When we have printing equipment, Gauss gives us the best way to upgrade it, which makes us very satisfied. Gauss has shown us a very high-level equipment."

universal 70 four color tower will provide independent steering rods. The new four-color tower without shaft drive can be easily accelerated by the original Tribune printing machine. Web paper can be threaded through the existing folding machine or independently. The two towers have their own independent operation consoles, the most advanced registration system and independent ink key control system

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