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Brief comment on polyester filament Market -- Changxing Light Textile City (5..25)

in the past week, the polyester Market in this market has shown a trend of "shrinking price decline", and the polyester price has fallen by yuan/t. From the perspective of market variety trend, the demand for polyester fdy75d bright yarn in this market is enlarged. At present, the central price is 10800 yuan/t, which is mainly used for weaving five satin and satin printed grey fabrics. The price of DTY varieties is also neat and clean, and there is no outside receiving way to save space. For example, the current central price of dty100d/36f is yuan/t, down about 200 yuan/t from last week. Dty75d/36f winding has made further progress in market cooperation this week, and the ease of improvement of modified plastics has increased. The reason is that it is intertwined with) 75d/144f or dty100d/144f to produce printed ground grey cloth, which also drives the sales of dty75d/144f and 100d/144f, but the silk price has also moved down. The trading volume of FDY series products 63d/24f (category) with the largest consumption in the market is obviously acceptable, and the price of the products has also fallen. At present, the price has fallen by yuan/t. Polyester market is expected to have a "shock downward" trend in the future. At present, the market price of polyester staple fiber has shifted downward

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