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The Conservatives' inflation argument is flawed — but it still might work | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The return of Parliament means?the return of question period — whether you like it or not. And when the appointed time arrived on Wednesday, the Official Opposition declared that its first preoccupation of the 44th Parliament would be inflation.

To start, the?Conservatives accused?the Liberal government of having no plan to deal with higher prices. Then they?suggested?Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t know how much it costs to buy a package of bacon or a two-by-four.The U.S. was ramping up. By March 13?

Given the hassle of going to a grocery store with a full security team and motorcade (and the fact that prime ministers generally aren’t responsible for home repairs at official residences), it’s?easy?for a prime minister to get tripped up on such questions. Which means?the Prime Minister’s Office mightThe third wave of COVID-19.?have to start?preparing a daily brief on how much a carton of milk costs on Rideau Street.

Eventually, the Conservatives sent up their finance critic, Pierre PoilievreThe months that have been., to bring their arguments full circle —?to claim that, in fact,?Justin Trudeau is?the approximate?reason?inflation is happening.

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