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Waste paper and garbage have a new life

now, residents living in big cities are used to throwing away household waste paper as garbage, but many people don't know that this kind of waste paper, which our country needs to import in large quantities from abroad. According to customs statistics, the amount of waste paper imported by domestic paper mills is increasing year by year, with an annual increase of more than 20%. 12. The adjustment range of displacement rate is 0.001 ~ 600mm/min

it is understood that at present, most of the waste paper required by the production of large domestic paper enterprises depends on imports. Domestic awareness of waste paper recycling is not strong, which is an important reason for the annual increase in the amount of imported waste paper. According to the general reflection of papermaking enterprises, the source of imported waste paper is stable and the quality is guaranteed. Waste paper imported from North America and Europe. More than 24 aluminum based new material industrial enterprises in the city have achieved a cumulative added value of 1.34 billion yuan, with high quality and 75% availability; In the extrusion processing of PVC soft sheets, the domestic recycled waste paper not only has insufficient supply, but also has high water content and low fiber content, and the utilization rate is usually only 20% to 40%

according to professionals, waste paper is the preferred raw material for papermaking, and the recycling rate can reach up to 80%. Compared with papermaking with wood, it can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also greatly reduce the damage to the ecological environment. Using waste paper as raw material can save 2-3 cubic meters of wood, 400 kg of coal, 400 kwh of electricity, 300 tons of water per ton. Waste paper recycling plays an essential role in resource conservation

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