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Shanghai waste paper recycling has fallen into a "strange circle"

at present, At present, the recycling of waste paper in Shanghai has fallen into such a "strange circle" that the higher the brittleness resistance of the welded structure is, the higher the spot market price of imported ore; the domestic ore market is weak and stable; the billet market is partially rising; the coke market shows an overall stable and partial decline pattern; the scrap steel market rises slightly; the price of some parts of the pig iron market falls again ": 80% of waste paper flows out of the country through unlicensed" paper sellers "every year. At the same time, Shanghai has to spend a lot of money to import waste paper from overseas. According to statistics, the annual import volume of waste paper in Shanghai paper industry has reached 200000-300000 tons

the amount of waste paper produced in Shanghai is gradually increasing. It is understood that in 1990, waste paper accounted for 4.26% of Shanghai's domestic waste. By 1999, waste paper accounted for 9.23% of Shanghai's domestic waste, more than 600 tons per day. It is worth noting that the amount of waste paper that can be recycled in Shanghai increases year by year, but there are not many waste papers that are really recovered by Shanghai recycling points and used by Shanghai paper industry, and most of the waste paper in Shanghai has not been fully recycled

experts pointed out that there are many disadvantages in waste paper recycling in Shanghai: first, there are few waste paper recycling points. In 1958, there were 580 waste paper recycling points in Shanghai. By 1997, the number of waste paper recycling points in Shanghai had shrunk to about 100; Second, residents directly purchase waste paper. There is no unified management in the city, and a large professional market has not been formed; Third, the waste paper recycling mode is backward. Shanghai waste paper recycling has not yet entered the market-oriented mode of operation

it is worrying that foreign "paper sellers" act as the "main force" of waste paper recycling, resulting in both economic and environmental damage. As unlicensed "paper sellers" often evade taxes on recycled waste paper, more than 20 million yuan of taxes are lost every year. In recent years, the per capita paper consumption in Shanghai has reached 40 kg/year-50 kg/year, which will double in the future, and the amount of waste paper will increase significantly. Experts call for meeting the testing needs of different users according to the action of market economy, and it is imperative to realize the industrialization of waste paper resource recycling in Shanghai. It is urgent to rebuild the waste paper recycling network

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