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Waste paper recycling "outshines others" recycle bin reduces the purchase scale of waste materials

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as the year approaches, every household begins to tidy up their houses, and many waste materials are selected and sent to the recycle bin to sell. However, some citizens are also inseparable from the discovery of the packaging of the sealing machine equipment. This year, some recyclers in the second-hand recycling station are not enthusiastic about second-hand recycling except waste paper. We learned from the interview that in recent years, the recycling prices of most waste materials have continued to fall, and some waste recycling stations have begun to reduce the scale of acquisitions

the acquisition scale is reduced

"in addition to the waste newspapers and cartons, we can also sell the large-scale fine testing instruments composed of tensile testing machines that give full play to the respective expertise of motors, we will not accept other waste materials." Ms. Weng, who lives in Yanghe community in the urban area, sorted out the composite carbon metal accumulated at home these days. In fact, it is not a high-tech product waste materials. The peddler who called for waste material recycling came to collect it, but was told by the other party that most of the waste materials were not collected

later, Ms. Weng and her husband finally moved the waste materials in their home to the nearby recycling bin. The result surprised them. Except for a few bundles of waste newspapers and some packaging cartons, other items were turned away

it is reasonable to say that the end of the year is the busiest time for the waste recycling station. Why not collect waste this year? In this regard, a number of waste recycling operators have said that due to the declining trend of waste prices, they are also hoarding a large number of previously recycled waste products. In order to reduce the risk and pressure, they have to reduce the purchase scale

Lao Yang has been engaged in waste recycling business in Chengbei Village, Jinhu street for more than ten years. He told that the price of waste materials fell sharply in the second half of this year. Now they dare not collect other waste materials except for some waste products such as waste newspapers and cartons. "Sometimes, when they are collected and sold, these items have depreciated. Instead of making money, they have also lost money." Lao Yang reluctantly said that at present, the inventory of waste materials recycled by his family is nearly twice as much as that in previous years. For example, some air conditioners cost twoorthree when recycled, but now they are sold for less than twohundred, so it's better to wait and see

the price of waste paper is higher than that of scrap iron

"the price of scrap iron has fallen sharply." Cai Laobo, the person in charge of a waste recycling station near Dongsheng garden, told him that now he basically doesn't accept scrap iron. "Take scrap iron as an example. At the peak, the recycling price per kilogram was more than one, and now it is only threeorfour cents. The price of waste cartons can be sold for fourorfive cents." Cai Laobo said that the price of scrap iron is not as good as that of waste paper

it is understood that plastic products have also fallen seriously. The highest recycling price of beverage bottles was 20 cents a bottle, and now 5 cents a bottle

in the interview, some operators of waste recycling stations told them that the price trend of waste products this year was unexpected. Most of the "scrap iron" originally stored in their hands are now hard to digest in the warehouse, so their enthusiasm for acquisition is not very high

in the cold winter of waste recycling market, the only thing that can adjust the experimental speed range of waste is waste newspapers and packaging cartons. The survey found that at present, the cheapest purchase price of packaging cartons is also given about 0.8 per kilogram, while newspapers, books and magazines are a little more expensive, about 1.4 per kilogram. In recent years, this price not only did not fall significantly, but even rose against the trend

the price is related to relevant industries

"in the second half of this year, the recycling enthusiasm of waste recycling operators is indeed not high." Mr. Zhang, who has been engaged in recycling waste materials for many years, said that since this year, the recycling price of most waste materials has fallen sharply, making operators more cautious in recycling waste materials

Mr. Zhang said that the continuous decline in the recycling price of waste materials has a lot to do with the recession of its related industries. "For example, in recent years, the development of the real estate industry has slowed down, and the number of new houses is not large. Coupled with the overcapacity of steel, the demand for steel will naturally decline." Mr. Zhang said that if the demand is reduced, the recycling volume will be reduced accordingly. To a certain extent, waste materials also play a role as a "weathervane" for the development of the industry

then why has the price of waste paper been strong in recent years? In this regard, Mr. Zhang explained that the recycled waste paper is mainly used to produce box board paper and corrugated base paper for packaging, which is precisely the main raw material of packaging boxes widely used by e-commerce at present. In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, shopping has become a part of people's daily life, and the use of express packaging cartons is also increasing, which makes the packaging cartons not difficult to sell, and also drives the purchase price of waste paper

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