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Waste paper plummeted and stopped collecting! The corrugated paper market is panicking

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core tip: in just a week, domestic waste paper should be replaced in time, and the seal ring or combination pad price suddenly reversed, and the paper mill supported the waste paper price to a sharp reduction or even stop, It also triggered the panic of the market to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of experimental conditions and the price of corrugated paper. Order cliff, tile paper warehouse explosion, waste paper crash, tile paper crash! This scene is like a replica of the market on New Year's Day 2017

[China Packaging News] in just a week, the domestic waste paper price suddenly reversed, and the paper mills changed from supporting the waste paper price to sharply reducing or even stopping the collection, which also triggered the panic of the market about the big decline of corrugated paper price

order cliff, tile paper warehouse explosion, waste paper crash, tile paper crash! This scene is like a replica of the market on New Year's Day 2017

the price reduction of waste paper spread rapidly across the country

just when the media outside the industry were still talking about the theme of the price increase of paper, Guangdong paper mills led by nine dragons, Levin and other major manufacturers took the lead in reducing the price of waste paper. Many paper mills even reduced the price twice in a day, with a maximum reduction of 200 yuan/ton. On October 17, the decline of waste paper quickly spread to the whole country. South China continued to decline at the pace of one price per day. Central China, North China and East China quickly fell, and the number of manufacturers who stopped collecting waste paper tended to increase

waste paper fell suddenly, which caught waste paper packers by surprise. Some paper mills with relatively high purchase prices were blocked by the rush of waste paper delivery trucks. Due to too many delivery trucks, Dongguan Jianhui announced that it would stop collecting waste paper. Xiangxinghe Hongye cut the price of waste paper sharply in a day. This time, the waste paper merchants once again felt the strength of the paper mill, and the merchants who failed to ship in time regretted it

some waste paper merchants that enter the market at a high level of national waste may suffer huge losses. In just three months, the waste paper purchased by the waste station from retail investors has increased from 1.5 yuan/kg to 2.8 yuan/kg. The packaging factory accepts pure yellow paper, but the price of a little fancy paper is more than 3000 yuan a ton, and the price of miscellaneous paper and fancy paper is 1900 yuan a ton. Due to the sharp decline in the price of waste paper, the willingness of paper mills to purchase has declined, and some waste paper packaging may not even be able to collect the cost

the market of base paper is not clear.

from September 26 to October 10, Dongguan Nine Dragons Kraft linerboard, corrugated paper and whiteboard increased by 200-300 yuan/ton again, which is the fourth price adjustment notice issued by nine dragons in September this year. Then on October 11, Dongguan Nine Dragons again issued the second price increase notice. From October 11 to October 20, Dongguan Nine Dragons Kraft linerboard, corrugated paper, recycled paper and white faced Kraft linerboard increased by RMB/ton again, and the price of white board remained unchanged. Then the major paper mills followed up quickly

according to the business news agency, the price of 140g corrugated base paper of Shanghai Zhaomei Paper Co., Ltd. has been lowered, and the adjusted ex factory price is 5200 yuan/ton

"on the first day after the new year's Day holiday, many large paper-making enterprises in the Pearl River Delta received the cancellation of orders from downstream paperboard factories at almost the same time. At the same time, the paperboard industry had a panic price reduction. Just when the white paper suppliers in North and East China were still raising prices proudly, the packaging paper market seemed to freeze overnight."

there was a panic in the tile paper market

after the Mid Autumn Festival of the national day, the unusually prosperous orders before the festival seemed to suddenly disappear. In the past August and September, the crazy rise of packaging paper has led to a large number of orders being overdrawn in advance, and some extreme customers have overdrawn their orders for the next year

in the same way, the sampling rate can reach 2000 times/s, which can capture the instantaneous change process of force, and the resolution of the whole process is as high as 50000 regardless of gear. Moreover, when we apply 0 graduation under the state of paying attention to protection, the ultra-high profit of packaging paper also drives the enthusiasm of paper mills. Using the double section cover, thousands of small and medium-sized paper mills are working hard without orders. As a result, when the construction started after the holiday, the market suddenly cooled and the paper mills burst their positions

without orders, some tile paper manufacturers "say they want to rise, but their bodies are very honest". Many paper traders began to reduce prices and ship goods. The quotation given by some manufacturers was even 500 yuan lower than the highest level a few days ago

coupled with the market rumors that hundreds of thousands of tons of imported waste cardboard from nine dragons are about to arrive in Hong Kong, the paper market, which was generally bullish by industry insiders three days ago, has moved to the other extreme. The Dongguan paper market also heard that tile paper is about to fall off a cliff

it is difficult to avoid ups and downs in the paper market

at present, people in the industry generally predict that due to the excessive hype in the paper market in the early stage, the paper price has expanded sharply, and the market orders have been overdrawn! Paper prices will inevitably rise and fall

according to Bao's investigation, the surge in demand for e-commerce packaging during the "double 11" day, which has been hyped by the media, has led to the shortage of e-commerce packaging orders in cartons. In addition, the willful rise in paper prices has also dug a big hole for the packaging and printing industry. Because a large number of businesses have abandoned paper packaging, it is not easy to pull it back

however, it is too early to judge that the paper price will fall sharply in March this year. On the one hand, in the case of insufficient orders, the paper mills have strategically reduced the price of waste paper and increased the expectation of price reduction, which will make the market colder, or block the retreat of paper speculators. On the other hand, big paper mills have very strong control over white card, high-quality cow card and grey white board, which are unlikely to see a price collapse

the next paper market will be a long and short battle between small and medium-sized paper enterprises, paper traders and hot money in the tile paper field. The situation will be very chaotic, and another round of paper industry reshuffle is inevitable

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