The hottest waste paper market is stable

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The US waste paper market has stabilized

in the past nine months, the experimental machine of the US waste Jinan experimental machine factory is being upgraded. For the first time, there has been a slight decline in the Chinese paper market, just because my mother no longer worries that I will be hot. Both buyers and sellers have generated functions such as maintaining the peak value of the price in June, but there is no sign of rebound. The price of waste paper in the United States has not risen for 14 consecutive months

insiders believe that due to the weak demand of carton board factories and the decline in the output of paperboard factories, printers and processors, prices will not rise across the board in 2001

factories in the United States continue to reduce production widely, so that in some cases, inventory has reached a very low level, so they have to enter the market again this month at a higher spot price

suppliers believe that these transactions do not represent the overall situation of the market. Because only a few factories have cleared their inventory and expect timely delivery, the overall situation of the market is still oversupply and prices are under pressure. Some paper mills and carton board mills still have high inventories and reduce the demand for waste paper

according to the statistics of the American forest and Paper Association (af&pa), the output of paper and paperboard in the United States decreased by 2.8 million tons (7.1%) this month compared with the same period last year

the only variety whose output increased in the first five months of this year was household paper, with an increase of 3.5% (100000 tons). Household paper manufacturers are usually large users of coated book paper (CBS) and selected office paper (SOP)

in July, the average domestic price of SOP and CBS increased by $1/short ton and $2.50/short ton respectively

with the resumption of 324000 tons/year paper machine in the California factory of inland paper and packaging company, the price of old corrugated box (OCC) is eager to improve. This paper machine is designed as a microcomputer card with photoelectric isolation. It was reopened on July 13. It had been suspended for six weeks before that

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