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Waste paper packaging will be transformed into environmental protection seats in the WorldExpo garden

green WorldExpo chairs I am Rong milk beverage paper packaging community recycling campaign, jointly initiated by Tetra Pak, the Shanghai WorldExpo Coordination Bureau and Xinmin Evening News, and strongly supported by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Shanghai greening and city appearance administration and other organizations and institutions, will be launched in more than 500 residential areas in Shanghai, It lasted until the end of January 2010. The activity will popularize the knowledge of garbage classification and circular economy in the community through community publicity, focus on demonstration, establish incentive mechanism, improve recycling facilities and channels, and mobilize the general public to flatten and recycle the paper packaging of milk drinks after drinking. Through recycling technology, these packages will be made into more than 1000 eco-friendly seats, adding a green landscape to the Expo

the leaders of the Shanghai WorldExpo bureau pointed out that the practice and concept of the green WorldExpo chair I am proud of the recycling activity of the milk beverage paper packaging community, which is in line with the theme of the Shanghai WorldExpo city and making life better, and the environmental protection seat regenerated from the milk beverage paper packaging after consumption is a more vivid carrier to show the public that environmental protection life and circular economy are promoting urban culture, and the cutting of the other two samples requires strict control and progress, At the same time, it will also have a positive significance for improving citizens' awareness of environmental protection and advocating environmental behavior

Ms. Yang Bin, vice president of Tetra Pak China enterprise communication, said that adhering to the negative enterprise spirit, Tetra Pak has been actively supporting environmental protection and recycling. Tetra Pak vigorously supports the construction of circular economy and promotes resource recycling by carrying out recycling activities for community consumers, training scavengers and cleaners, and supporting recycling enterprises. In this event, Tetra Pak not only contributed to the Green Expo with Shanghai citizens, but also hoped to take this opportunity to promote the construction of a long-term social recycling system for milk beverage paper packaging in Shanghai

the paper packaging of milk drinks after drinking is 100% recyclable. Under the condition of ensuring safety and durability, try to reduce the weight source per gram. Common sterile paper packaging is usually made of six layers of paper, aluminum foil and plastic. After recycling, it can be processed into durable, waterproof and moisture-proof plates through special recycling technology. The environmental protection seat of the WorldExpo uses this environmental protection board as the main material. To make a 1.2-meter-long and 0.4-meter-wide environmental protection bench for the Expo, 856 250 ml milk beverage paper packages can be recycled with or even mixed with a little thermosetting waste plastic. In addition to environmental protection benches, these packages can also be transformed into many useful daily and industrial supplies, such as recycled paper, garbage cans, clothes hangers, stationery, floors, industrial pallets, plastic wood panels, etc. Tetra Pak China has been actively supporting the recycling of Tetra Pak packaging after consumption for a long time, and promoting the establishment of the recycling industrial chain of composite paper packaging. In 2008, Tetra Pak's recycling volume in China reached 28000 tons, equivalent to about 2.8 billion 250 ml standard Tetra Pak packages have been recycled

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