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The State Council executive meeting held on November 12 decided that in order to support labor-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial optimization and upgrading, the export rebate rate of some labor-intensive, electromechanical and other products will be further increased from December 1, 2008. This adjustment involves a total of 3770 products, accounting for about 27.9% of all export products

in the second half of this year, the export tax rebate rate has been raised twice, hoping to alleviate the survival pressure faced by some export enterprises. The scope of the first adjustment is mainly limited to the textile and clothing industry, while the second adjustment implemented since November 1, 2008 covers some labor-intensive, high-tech and high value-added products that may have an adverse impact on local economic development after all, with a total of 3486 products, accounting for about 25.8% of the total products in the customs tariff. The third adjustment further expanded the product range, including lighting, wires and cables

the power tool industry is still difficult.

Zhang Chuanfu, Secretary General of the power tool branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, told China industry news on November 15: "the increase in the export tax rebate rate is undoubtedly good news for power tool export enterprises, but the 11% range is not enough to make up for the current losses of enterprises." According to the branch, many large enterprises now have no orders at all and are waiting for work

Zhang Chuanfu also told: "In fact, large enterprises have been hit hardest. Although many small enterprises have closed down, they have fewer staff, less pressure on goods, and little loss. The worst case is to temporarily close down and reopen when the market conditions are good. Large enterprises are different, and it is difficult to recover from their injuries. He believes that the overseas market is the main economic source of many enterprises, and hopes that the state will continue to protect and support them."

the person in charge of a large power tool production enterprise told us that now we are at a loss. Peer enterprises have taken measures such as cost reduction, which has been adhered to for more than half a year in the "cold winter". The increase of the export tax rebate rate has won valuable profits for the enterprise. It is expected that by next March, the market may pick up. Whoever can persist until the day of spring is the last winner

the battery industry is under cost pressure

in addition, the export tax rebate of mercury free button type and mercury free cylindrical alkaline zinc manganese primary batteries and primary battery packs has been raised from zero to 11%, bringing vitality to battery export enterprises that have been in trouble this year. Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of the China chemical and physical power industry association, told on November 18 that the increase in the export tax rebate rate will help enterprises to a certain extent, but this year, the biggest factor affecting the battery industry is raw materials. The price of cobalt has fallen from 400000 yuan/ton to 200000 yuan/ton. Many enterprises have suffered a sharp reduction in prices after purchasing raw materials, resulting in losses before production

Liu Yanlong also believes that due to the influence of the European and American markets this year, the order volume has declined sharply, and the future situation is difficult to predict. It is understood that in order to further help the development of domestic battery enterprises, the China Battery Industry Association is actively reporting to the relevant departments at a higher level, striving to include batteries in the category of export commodities supported by the state, and can make further adjustments and breakthroughs in preferential policies

the tantalum wire industry for capacitors has achieved remarkable results

the tax adjustment policy also includes tantalum wire with a diameter of less than 0.5mm, and its export tax rebate rate has been increased from the current 5% to 13%

after a long-term development, it is understood that after Dongfang tantalum (000962) company obtains this 8% more profit, its revenue will increase significantly. At the same time, the company should also pay attention to being one of the world's three largest suppliers of capacitor grade tantalum powder and tantalum wire for capacitors in the connection line of the controller on the electronic universal experimental machine

Dongfang tantalum industry announced not long ago that most product specifications of tantalum wire for capacitors, one of the leading products, are within the adjustment range of tax rebate rate. The adjustment of the export tax rebate rate will have a more beneficial impact on the company's business performance in the fourth quarter and in the future. In 2007, the export sales revenue of tantalum wire less than 0.5mm was about 106million yuan. It is expected that the sales volume of this product will increase steadily in the future

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