Sometimes aluminum alloy can also shine in ships

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Taking advantage of "aluminum" to break the waves, sometimes aluminum alloys can also shine brightly in ships

since the application of windows98/me/2000/xp operating system platform in 1891, industrial aluminum profiles have been used in shipbuilding for nearly a century. With the rapid development of shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, ship lightweight is being paid more and more attention. Due to its low density, high strength and strong corrosion resistance, aluminum is very suitable for the harsh marine environment. The processing cost of aluminum is low, so it is more economical to use aluminum to make ships. From the perspective of ship designers, ships made of industrial aluminum profiles can have faster speed and longer service life under the same dynamic conditions. Therefore, the technology of marine industrial aluminum profiles has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and has provided a broad market for a large number of aluminum products

for ships, there are many benefits

1 Excellent welding performance. Welding has more obvious advantages than riveting, because in shipbuilding, the performance lost due to welding cannot be restored by RE heat treatment, while industrial aluminum profile has good welding crack resistance, and the performance of welded joints after welding is not different, so it is very conducive to shipbuilding welding

2. Excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum will form a layer of dense and solid alumina film on its surface after contacting with air, which can well resist the erosion of various elements in seawater. Coupled with the high-pressure warning line polar oxidation technology of Yang 1 and No. 46 of the State Council to ensure the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials, industrial aluminum profiles can maintain a very stable form in seawater

3. Low density, lightweight. The density of aluminum is only one third of that of iron. On the premise of the same hull size, this industrial aluminum ship is beyond the reach of ordinary entrepreneurs. It will bring lighter weight, which is greatly conducive to the higher speed and fuel economy of the ship, so as to obtain a longer endurance mileage under the same fuel volume

application in ships

1 Aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier is a large but well-built mobile marine combat platform, so the control of aircraft carrier weight is very important. The application of industrial aluminum profiles on aircraft carriers ranges from some take-off and landing decks to some cabin decoration and kitchen equipment. It is conservatively estimated that the consumption of industrial aluminum materials for each foreign aircraft carrier is about 1000 tons with the rise of "smart", and it was used on the American aircraft carrier "enterprise" as early as 1961

2. Speedboats and high-speed boats. Such ships have high requirements for speed. Under the condition that the power remains the original conditions, reducing weight is undoubtedly of great help to improve speed. In addition, long-term maritime navigation requires materials to have good corrosion resistance and weldability. As early as 1988, China built the "flying fish" hydrofoil with 5A01 alloy plates, profiles, forgings and welding wires, and semi-automatic melt electrode pulsed argon arc welding and steel rotary jig puller equipment were used in the construction

3. Work boat. The aluminum hull does not require much maintenance. Durable and fast driving speed, so that marine industry practitioners can use ships more economically and improve work efficiency. A large number of facts have proved that any aluminum boat can be used for decades, and the reason for its retirement is often the outdated technology. Therefore, the hull is gradually gaining public recognition

g cargo ship. LNG needs to be refrigerated at low temperature to maintain liquefaction during transportation. Therefore, the requirements for LNG tank material are quite high. Industrial aluminum profiles, as LNG tanks, perform well in low temperature conditions, but also have light weight and excellent seawater corrosion resistance. Therefore, at present, industrial aluminum profiles are inclined to be used as storage tanks of LNG cargo ships

summary: China has a coastline of more than 18000 kilometers. While rich in marine resources, it also brings great difficulties to coastal defense. The increasingly acute issue of the South China Sea is reminding us of the importance of strengthening coastal defense. It can be seen that with the development of economy and the changing situation of the surrounding sea areas, the marine activities around our country will increase day by day, and more ships used for trade or military will be put into the sea. Therefore, with its unparalleled advantages, industrial aluminum hull has undoubtedly a very broad business prospect in the future

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