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Song Xiushan: the company is home, and everyone is the master

Song Xiushan: the company is home, and everyone is the master

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in the production team of Shan reconstruction machinery metal structure branch, there is such a person - he has been in the factory for more than ten years, conscientious and meticulous; He rises early and craves dark, regards the factory as home, and is familiar with every employee and every corner of the Jinjie branch; He is not only a good friend of his colleagues, but also a right-hand assistant of the leaders. He is also a model worker for us to understand Shanshan reconstruction machinery - songxiushan, the director of Jinjie branch

Song Xiushan at work

in the first half of 2018, all employees of the company worked vigorously in the production wave of 3000. But at this juncture, the coating line of Jinjie branch encountered a thorny problem. During this period of time, the staff of the coating line worked overtime every day, but they could only finish the painting of the structural parts of the table cover every day. This situation with half the effort soon aroused song Xiushan's vigilance: working 10 hours a day, they could only finish the painting of the structural parts of the table cover. Although the goods were continuously offline, the current output was not conducive to the improvement of production capacity. In the long run, the coating line will become the bottleneck in the process of increasing production. The speed regulation system is installed in the lower process of the workbench. How to improve the production capacity

Song Xiushan at work

in order to solve the problem, he began to look for the root cause from all aspects. After reading the technical specifications of the coating line, he found that the design production capacity was 5000 sets/year, and a single shift could complete the standard production and painting of 10 sets of container bottom plate testing machines for structural parts, which showed that the equipment capacity was no problem, so he began to observe the staffing situation. A few days later, there was no mistake in the operation of on-site personnel, and the problem of staffing was eliminated. Then, he began to actively communicate with his colleagues on site. After the communication, everyone gave a unified opinion - the workpiece drying time is too long, delaying the production progress. Song Xiushan immediately began to verify whether the feedback was true. After that, he observed the rhythm of the drying room and the drying condition of the workpiece next to the drying room of the north-south line of painting every day, usually staying for twoorthree hours. When you are sincere, gold and stone are open. He finally found out the reasons that affected the production efficiency of the painting line a few days later:

1. The temperature of the drying room of the South painting line could not reach the normal working temperature of 80 ℃

2. It cannot be dried in the normal time of 30 minutes on the shelf

3. The utilization rate of the drying room in the morning is low, the connection of coating processes is not smooth, and the three stations in the drying room cannot be fully utilized

after finding the problem, song Xiushan immediately called the coating staff to study and analyze the situation and formulate a solution to the problem:

1. Contact the equipment maintenance personnel to overhaul the dryer combustor to make it reach the normal working temperature

2. After the painting process is adjusted, it is necessary to appropriately extend the drying time on the shelf

3. Adjust the process sequence and personnel allocation of the coating line to ensure the seamless connection of each process

4. Improve the utilization rate of drying room on the north line, from "single spray and single drying" to "double spray and double drying"

Once the scheme was implemented, the production capacity of the North-South coating line was increased to 8 sets/day. After September, 2018, the number of coating line personnel did not increase, the production of coating line increased, overtime decreased, and the problem of lagging production was finally solved

in the face of difficulties, he analyzed calmly, solved patiently, and was wise; When encountering problems, he discussed with his colleagues, understood the group, but ended up in the electronic tension machine of this statistics; Facing the choice, he is determined and dare to act. He is not only a good employee, but also a good cadre

song Xiushan often said, "it is our duty to love our posts; dedication is our duty. The company is our home, and everyone is the master."

yes, he poured his enthusiasm into all aspects of his work. Since he served as a cadre of the metal structure branch, he has been vigorously advocating and trying to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Under his leadership, the material utilization rate of Jinjie branch increased from 65% to 70.9%. In 2018, a total of more than 4 million yuan was saved, which is a considerable achievement in the company's cost reduction and efficiency increase. In addition, he also added quality control links such as appearance inspection process and process quality after shot blasting, which improved the quality of excavator structural parts and contributed to the extension of excavator service life

every morning, he always arrives at the post in advance to prepare for production; In every evening, he will leave work only after confirming that all water, electricity and gas sources on the site are closed and reminding the night shift personnel of safety precautions. He can be seen everywhere near the cutting machine, the welding station, the processing center and the paint booth of the Jinjie branch factory

his diligent and dedicated working attitude and persistent practical actions deserve everyone's learning and admiration. What the development of mountain reconstruction machinery needs is countless excellent workers like songxiushan

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