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Germany's energy transition is at the heart of the 2021 federal election - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A wind of change is blowing across Germany. The General elections take place on September 26 and everything indicates that the new government will face a tough challenge to make the country climate neutral by 2045 as voted by law.

One of the main questions in Germany’s election battle is how the country can manage its energy transition. Major political parties back solar and wind solutionsHigh schools have reopened in Greece to students i, but red tape and angry locals are slowing down change. Bavaria is a prime example.

Erich Wust works as a wind park manager in the Rh?n-Grabfeld district of northern Bavaria. He says that Germany”s energy transition is a political battlefield with very slow permit procedures and many legal actions filed.

Wind turbine opposition

Decentralised decision-making has also added to these woesThe nation will soon shake off its Covid shackles.. For example, Bavaria introduced the 10-H rule whereby new wind turbines must be erected at a distance of at least ten times their height from the closest housing unit. What Wust wants is for politicians to change energy-related rules after the election. “If we want to boost renewables, we have to take our foot off the brakes. In particular, in Bavaria, we have to get rid of this 10-H rule as soon as possible. 10-H is the reason why not one single wind park permit was filed in Bavaria in the past two yearsbut only around 1.5% have received both required doses.,” he exclaims.

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